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Narciso Yepes

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02.03.2015 15:15, Angelina Jambrekovic from The Netherlands E-mail Homepage :
To whom it may concern,

My name is Angelina Jambrekovic, I am Product Manager at a classical record label PENTATONE Music. This year we are re-releasing some of the Deutsche Grammophon recordings from the 1970s, among which one of Narciso Yepes (Rodrigo Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, Concerto de Aranjuez and Concerto Madrigal). I was wondering if we could get the license to use one or two photos of Mr. Yeper in the booklet of this album. The most idealy would be to use the photo from the 70s (period when the recordings were made).

Would you be so kind to contact me to my email, and discuss the potential licence?

Thank you in advance,
Angelina Jambrekovic

22.12.2014 15:41, phpdev67 E-mail :
A very Happy Christmas Narciso.
Wherever you are we've got you in our fingers and in our hearts as well !!

26.03.2014 09:55, Eduardo Segura from España E-mail Homepage :
Querida Marysia, soy el hijo de Manolo y Elena. Releo estos días 'Amaneció de noche', y rezo; y os doy las gracias. Dios os bendiga. Me gustaría que me escribieses.
Vivo en Granada, donde soy profesor en la Universidad.
Muchos besos a ti y a vuestros hijos.

18.03.2014 21:23, steve wick from :
I am hoping you know the origin of the Irish March that Mr. Yepes played so beautifully. Do you when it was written? By whom?

09.03.2013 12:38, vladimir.okunevich from Ukrain E-mail :
Hi Narciso!
Have not heard anything better.

04.10.2012 19:35, maria grazia amoruso E-mail Homepage :
per Ignacio, sono allieva di Giorgio Questa, ecco un video =zyFfzZfpwoc
giorgio mi ha parlato molto della grandezza di Narciso e della sua bella famiglia

21.02.2012 19:41, Fernando Sala E-mail :
Es cierto que Narciso Yepes tuvo la enfermedad llamada miastenia gravis ocular y que un médico naturista le curó a través de alimentación sana?

14.12.2011 11:55, Vasile Danciu :
Does anyone have the scores of "Canciones espanolas" Garcia Lorca/Narciso Yepes?

11.11.2011 11:52, Rafael S.Valverde E-mail :
***Ni que decir tiene que admiro a Yepes por su calidad como persona y como guitarrista.
***Me intereso en obtener su arreglo de las "Cantigas de Santa María", tal y como él interpretaba y cuya partitura no encuentro.
Agradecería me indicasen cómo obtenerla.

14.09.2011 19:37, Craig :
Narciso was one of the first classical guitarist I listened to back in the 80's when I first started playing guitar. He truly was one of the most poetic spanish guitarist.

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Entries: 67
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